USB4YOU - DI(FH) Rajko Milinic

In 1999 Rajko Milinic began to work in the memory wholesale industry in Vienna. In 2009 he decided to launch USB4YOU, a specialist retail company that offer high quality USB-Sticks for the german speaking countries. The successful development of USB4YOU, the great quality of its service and the incomparable consultancy made it possible to expand our businness market. So since 2016 he also offer his service for English and Spanish speaking countries.

Mr. Milinic graduated in 2004 at the FH. St. Pölten in Austria. He owns a Master Degree in Telecommunications and Media with a specialization in media industry. He has more than 15 years of work experience in the semiconductor business, for example working for Ineltek GmbH (Vienna) and Samsung Semiconductor GmbH (Vienna), which are just a signal of his proficiency.

"We are operating out of Vienna, overlook the international market and try our best to offer our customers every day the best possible service.“

Due to high demand for our products and satisfied customer feedback, we offer on also Flash memories in wholesale ans retail.