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Custom Made

You can choose among a large range of colors, accessories, shape, prints styles and applications.

We have all you need to advertise your product like you wish. Your technical needs plus your own design in a small and single tool ready to giveaway.

High Quality

We deliver what we believe in.

A-Brand and top quality materials and manufacture are for us a must, plus friendly environmentally materials and technologies.




Sustainable advertising in just three steps away. First, have a look to our page and pick a model from our rage of products. Second, check all the details and extra accessories. Third, with just a click make an order or sent a request to get an immediately response and offer.

Special Offers

If you want something special for a customer or a business partner just let uns know about it and we can work to find a great solution!

For example a Stick we the logo of your company on one side and the name of a good employee on the another side is not only a nice present but also a good way to create belonging.


USB-Sticks adapt themselves to your needs. The sticks are flexible and that´s great!

For example, If you have a conference you could preloding your data (PDF, Photos, Videos) in sticks for all the participants.



USB4You Service

Quality not Quantity is our legacy!

We are an small austrian retailer that set a lot of value on consulting and support . You can choose among German, English, Serbo-Croatian or Spanish languages to keep in contact we us from the beginning until the delivery of your product.



Owner: DI(FH) Rajko Milinic


Tel.: (+43) 0676 / 972 41 77

Ziegelhofstrasse 213/2/1 A-1220 Vienna